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"Para a lei, já não há mais diferença" For the law, there is no difference anymore.
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Richard Nunes, Rios head of public security, said there would be a full investigation into the deaths, which came despite the military taking charge of policing in the city last month after a surge in violence.Zero Hora (in Portuguese).Joaquim Barbosa, president of the Council of Justice and the Supreme Federal Court, said that notaries cannot continue to refuse to "perform a civil wedding or the conversion of a stable civil union into a marriage between people of the same sex"."Justiça manda Exército reconhecer companheiro de sargento gay Judge mandates Army recognizes gay partnership of sergeant.Camila Pontes, 30, a communications officer, sheltered from the hot sun under an umbrella.34 On, Judge Elio Siqueira of the 5th region TRF ruled on appeal that the Brazilian Army must recognize the civil union (performed in January 2012 in Pernambuco) of a service member and his same-sex partner, and must also accord a military spousal pension.Retrieved "Appendix A: Methodology".She was in her first term in office.Archived from the original on projeto DE LEI DO senado n 612, de 2011 - (casal DO mesmo sexo) "Comisión de Senado brasileño aprueba reglamentar como ley el matrimonio gay".
35 36 Same-sex marriage edit Marriage law is governed by federal chat gratis med singler rather than state law and involves issuing of a marriage certificate by a notary.Diario Online (in Portuguese).72 On, the Corregedoria Geral da Justiça of the state of Rondônia published in the Diário da Justiça Eletrônico, "Provision 008/2013-CG" which provides for the direct qualification for marriages between same-sex couples and conversion of stable unions to marriages in the civil registration records.39 40 On, the PSC re-lodged the appeal.Marriage statistics edit From May to December 2013, approximately 3,800 same-sex marriages were celebrated in the country.I have never been so scared, he said.