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Under no circumstances is the End User permitted to edit, change or add to the software forming part of sort pige belure cam united influencers other than as expressly stated in the End User License Agreement.
The End User further agrees to united influencers containing information and offers from united influencers international ABs partners who use united influencers as a communication channel.
If possible, notices to the End User will be sent to the email address provided by the End User at the time of registration.
Consenting to united influencers international ABs use of cookies is optional.The End User License Agreement may be terminated by united influencers international AB at any time, with a notice period of thirty (30) days, or with immediate effect where this is part of a general termination of all or part of united influencers.Nor does united influencers international AB accept any liability for the confidentiality of data in connection with the transfer of information via mobile or fixed networks when using united influencers.Call to speak with a knowledgeable specialist.The End User must not for commercial purposes reproduce, duplicate, create copies of, sell, resell or exploit any part of united influencers without the prior written agreement of united influencers international.The End User is entitled, free of charge, following a written request to united influencers international AB at the address indicated above, to receive an extract of the personal information that united influencers international AB holds about the End User and details of how this.This type of cookie is used to remember the language selected by the visitor for the website/app, for example, and it is deleted when the visitor closes their browser or app.On termination of the End User License Agreement, all software forming part of united influencers must be uninstalled by the End User.
United influencers international AB also uses cookies to enable the verification of the End User.
This End User License Agreement for united influencers (.
It can detect the body heat of people allowing you to quickly identify and rescue people or pets.Limitation OF liability, ETC.Make time on the water safer, more relaxing.Be Aware, the Ocean Scout 640 helps you see marine traffic and navigational aids in darkness to avoid danger.The End User is not permitted to transfer, hire, lend or otherwise make available all or part of the software in united influencers to a third party other than as approved in writing in the End User License Agreement.Nor does united influencers international AB accept responsibility for the content of external websites not operated by united influencers international AB and to which united influencers international AB or its partners link via united influencers.

Informasjonen som samles inn av disse informasjonskapslene, brukes ikke til markedsføringsformål.
United influencers comprises the products and services contained in the description of united influencers at any given time.
We will store the End Users personal information as long as the End User are active user of United Influencers platform, a customer, supplier or partner.