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Gratis irc chat til mac

LeafChat has a friendly, clean interface that.
Most apps in this list are free or just a few dollars.
Other 3rd party themes are available to change the look.Round it off with IPv6, SSL, and proxy support, and WeeChat gets even better.These plug-ins make it possible to do everything from running Google searches to following Twitter feeds, straight from IceChat. .Palavers includes all modern IRC features and functionalities such as IRCv3 capabilities, ZNC integration, as well as full support for push notifications.It also includes numerous other features, such as private one-on-one messages, data transfer, and even chat rooms.Textuals feature set also includes stuff like a diverse range of keyboard shortcuts, iCloud synchronization of preferences, auto-completion for nicknames and commands, full text formatting, and ZNC integration. .CtrlTab, optSpace, move to the next unread channel.Look no further than WeeChat.Know some other IRC clients that couldve made the cut above?No features added, colloquy.
Colloquy One of the more popular and well known IRC client apps for iOS devices, Colloquy has quite a bagload of impressive features that make it the perfect solution for communicating over IRC, if youre using an iOS device.
by which it helps us connect and communicate with others, have advanced a lot.Its a feather light chat client whose capabilities can be extended as per your requirements, thanks to the numerous plug-ins and scripts available for.OptTab, move back to the previously selected channel.This is another of the fully modern Mac IRC clients, with App Store downloads and support for modern features like full screen mode, Notification Center, and Retina Display.Fancy chatting via your iOS or Android device?IceChat is heavily customizable, and you can tweak everything from the chat fonts and the background colors, to the nickname lists and the global application themes.All of these apps are stable and usable, and that reflects not only the multi-year track record leia kærlighed camgirl of these particular programs, but the overall maturity of IRC itself.However, once you get connected, the minimalist design means that its not as obvious to figure out what is going.