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If you are brand new to gratis chat roon the Abraham Hicks teachings then it's good to Google a bit about it and maybe listen to some of the stuff on so that you have a bit of background, but this is no means compulsory.
Feb 19, 2008, that Hit Hard!
Feb 01, 2008, i AM So Magical!
If you would like to present then have a chat to one of us at the Meetup or message us in advance.A wealth of resources related to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.This forum is the new storage area for all the threads that were stickies that had to be "ignored" once you read them.Jan 10, 2008, storm's Brewing, jan 03, 2008, another new d a nice round number it is, too.Looking forward to seeing you!At the beginning, we'll do an introduction to LOA and have some sheets to hand out for those brand new.Come with an open mind and 5 towards the room hire please!For all new members, this is information that is important for all forum resources and posting guidelines and is a must read and agree for terms for posting.We will then cover a different concept or idea in more detail, taken from the teachings.
The Forum glossary is here, the Thread Hall of Fame, the"ng guidelines, the EGS, and more.
Take a look, and enjoy.So you've heard about the Law of Attraction and you know that it's based on the principle that your thoughts create your reality, but how do we actually put that into practice?Feb 19, 2008, adventures in TIme and Space - Part.Jo, Jim Angela Abraham clip for you to view m/watch?Focus for this meeting: We'll do an in introduction to LOA plus something to get us thinking!We welcome participation and ideas.Site Blog, love Revolution, jan 10, 2015 vulnerability, jul 10, 2014, adventures in Time and Space - Continued.